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Cody & Cameron Crocker

Our Story

Step into the vibrant world of C&C Painting and Remodeling, where every stroke of the paintbrush is infused with passion and creativity! Since 2015, brothers Cameron and Cody Crocker began their journey to redefine home and commercial improvement in Kansas. With a shared commitment to quality and a dash of sibling rivalry, we’ve blossomed from a small venture into a powerhouse across Central Kansas.

From cozy homes to bustling commercial spaces, we’re here to sprinkle a touch of magic and exceed expectations at every turn. Welcome to the colorful realm of C&C, where dreams are painted into reality! 

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Our Vision & Mission


We’re more than just home improvement enthusiasts; we’re caretakers of your property. Our vision is ambitious: to become a household name in Kansas by 2026, serving over 450 homeowners and businesses annually. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about nurturing a culture of growth and innovation, where every team member thrives and contributes to something greater. 


Simple yet potent: to deliver unmatched services that leave our clients raving and their circles in awe. We believe in transparent communication, clear estimates, and flawless execution that surpasses expectations every time. But our commitment extends beyond the paintbrush. As a family-operated business, we’re devoted to giving back to our community, supporting local schools, youth programs, and foundations that foster growth and prosperity in our neighborhoods.

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Our Core Values Guide Our Every Move 
  • Show Up and Show Out: We’re committed to showing up when we say we will and continually striving to improve and grow. 
  • Big Picture, Small Details: We understand that success lies in both the big picture vision and the meticulous attention to detail. 
  • Better Afters: Our goal is simple – to make things better after each job, each day, and with each client interaction. 




The Heart of Our Success: Meet Our Team

Get ready to meet the faces behind the paintbrushes and hammers, each with their unique flair and dedication to making your dreams a reality.  

Cameron C
Cameron Crocker

The Bright Spark of C&C Painting! As co-owner, Cameron’s passion for community renewal led to the creation of C&C Painting. He’s the friendly face you’ll often find greeting new clients with a smile and a clipboard in hand. 

Hailing from the heart of Kansas, Cameron’s been a proud resident of Manhattan since 2011. When he’s not busy transforming spaces, you’ll likely catch him exploring the great outdoors. Family time is truly precious to Cameron, and he cherishes spending time with wife, their two wonderful children, Emery and Quinton, and their adorable pups, Tippy, Willow, and Nala. Cameron’s adventurous spirit extends beyond his workday. His bucket list includes exploring the picturesque landscapes of Germany and Ireland, while his favorite hiking spot is none other than the breathtaking trails of Estes Park, Colorado. And when it comes to cuisine, Cameron is a true aficionado of Mexican flavors. His recipe for success? Surrounding himself with positivity, practicing honesty, and lending a helping hand whenever opportunity arises. Cameron’s favorite part of his job? It’s getting to make a difference in clients’ lives, one project at a time. 

Cody C
Cody Crocker

The dynamic force driving C&C Painting! As co-founder alongside his brother, Cody brings leadership and a strong sense of community spirit. When he’s not busy leading the charge, you’ll find Cody enjoying a round of golf, embodying the spirit of relaxation and precision.

At home, he’s accompanied by his son Colbi, who shares his love for the great outdoors. As a die-hard Denver Broncos fan, Cody’s bucket list includes witnessing their dominance at a Super Bowl game. Until that day, you’ll find him passionately cheering on his team during football season. And when it comes to culinary adventures, Cody prefers dishes that keep him out of the kitchen, opting for anything that doesn’t require cooking skills. His keys to success? Embracing hard work and perseverance as guiding principles, both on and off the field. 

Shelby O
Shelby Ocker
Operations Manager

The cheerful voice behind the scenes at C&C Painting! As our painting Operations Manager, Shelby ensures that everything runs smoothly, making sure our team feels like a tight-knit family rather than just coworkers. Originally from Smith Center, Kansas, Shelby made the move to Manhattan in 2015. When she’s not busy keeping things organized at work, you’ll find her enjoying her favorite hobby – working out! Shelby dreams of traveling through Europe, experiencing all the sights, sounds, and flavors it has to offer. When it comes to cuisine, Shelby’s taste buds are drawn to the delicious flavors of Hibachi. And when she’s ready to unwind, you can often find her watching her favorite movie, “13 Going on 30.” Shelby’s keys to success? Staying true to herself and continuously striving to better herself and those around her.

Nick Bulthaup
Nick Bulthaup
Operations Manager

The driving force behind our remodeling operations as the Operations Manager! Nick, originally from Concordia, Kansas, brings a Midwestern charm and a passion for building things to the forefront. With three years of experience at C&C, he’s the go-to guy for bringing your remodeling visions to life. Nick’s dedication to crafting dream spaces goes beyond just a job—it’s his calling. Whether he’s transforming kitchens or revitalizing living areas, his commitment shines through in every project. When he’s not busy making dreams reality, you might catch Nick dreaming of himself behind the wheel of a sleek Viper. And his ultimate getaway? The tropics! But even in paradise, Nick’s foodie heart belongs to one thing: pizza. Nick’s recipe for success? A thirst for knowledge and an unwavering drive. With Nick at the helm as our Operations Manager, your remodeling project is in expert hands.  

Marcus Pfrang
Marcus Pfrang
Equipment Safety Leader

The empathetic and driven Equipment Safety Leader! With a heart as big as his dreams, Marcus is dedicated to providing for his family and making a difference in the world. Born in Wamego, Marcus has lived in various places due to his upbringing in a military family. However, he found his way back to Manhattan, where he planted his roots and called it home. When he’s not overseeing projects, Marcus unleashes his creative side through art and enjoys going on adventures with his beloved wife, Kinsley, and their loyal pup, Remi. Hiking the breathtaking mountains of Bali has been a bucket list item for Marcus for a long time As for his culinary cravings, nothing beats a classic hamburger topped with cheese and ketchup. And when it’s movie night, you can bet he’s watching “Saving Private Ryan.” Marcus’s philosophy on success? Never give up – because your dreams are always within reach. 

Zachary Burch
Zachary Burch
Crew Leader

Our seasoned crew leader, with roots in Leavenworth, Kansas, brings over 2 years of dedicated service to C&C. Zac has become an indispensable part of our team, bringing his expertise and passion to every project. His favorite aspect of the job? Embracing the unpredictability of each day and reveling in the instant gratification of completing a stunning transformation. On his bucket list? Catching a World Series baseball game in person. When it comes to food, Zac loves anything grilled to perfection. His keys to success? Never giving up and always striving for excellence, demonstrating this undeniable dedication day in and day out. 

Tristan Neff
Tristan Neff
Crew Leader

As seasoned crew leader native to Manhattan, Kansas, Tristan brings over three years of dedicated service to C&C. His commitment to excellence is evident in the heartfelt appreciation he receives from clients for his meticulous attention to detail and hard work. With a weakness for German cuisine and a deep-rooted commitment to self-awareness and caring for others, Tristan is an invaluable asset to our team. His bucket list includes witnessing a Chiefs Super Bowl victory firsthand, reflecting his passion for sports and community spirit. Tristan attributes his success to his unwavering determination, profound empathy, and the steadfast support of his loved ones.

Fabian Ramierez
Fabian Ramierez
Crew Leader

The Color Maestro! From the bustling metropolis of Junction City, Fabian, our esteemed Crew Leader infuses every painting and remodeling project with his distinctive passion and seasoned expertise. He’s committed to excellence and focusing on the precision of every detail. Beyond work, Fabian dreams of mountain adventures, yet cherishes the vibrancy of Dallas, Texas, and indulges in the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine. His favorite part of the job is witnessing the transformative power of color, which revitalizes spaces with each brush stroke. Fabian’s formula for success combines meticulous attention to detail and a strong sense of self-awareness, ensuring he consistently surpasses expectations.

Savannah Smit
Savannah Smit
Crew Member

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Savannah has been an invaluable member of our team, bringing her expertise and enthusiasm to every project. Her journey from crew member to leadintraining showcases her dedication and growth within our company. She takes immense satisfaction in witnessing the joy on homeowners’ faces when they see their transformed space. On her bucket list? Riding a real bull. When she’s not on-site, you might find her exploring Saint Croix, her favorite travel destination. And after a long day’s work, she enjoys indulging in delicious Mexican food. Savannah’s keys to success? Ensuring her happiness and keeping her bucket full each day.

Nathan Reno
Nathan Reno
Crew Member

Our dedicated crew member, originally comes from the scenic landscapes of Idaho and now calls Manhattan home. With a background as a former member of the United States Navy, Nathan has quickly become an integral part of our team, bringing expertise and dedication to every project. His favorite aspect of the job? Witnessing the transformation of a freshly completed canvas into a work of art. When he’s not on the job, Nathan dreams of exploring the depths of the ocean through scuba diving. Alaska tops his list of favorite travel destinations, while sushi reigns supreme as his preferred cuisine. Nathan’s keys to success? Diligence and hard work, qualities that shine through in his every endeavor.

Jack Bowers
Jack Bowers
Crew Member

Our enthusiastic crew member from Beloit, has been a cornerstone of C&C for the past two years. His affinity for fishing in traquil waters mirrors the patience and precision he brings to every project, making him a cherished asset to our team. Eager to embrace the thrill of bungee jumping, Jack’s adventurous spirit and unwavering positive attitude highlight his approach to both life and work. Success, for Jack, is navigating challenges with optimism and a fishing rod never too far from reach.

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